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elaine Elaine Jewart.Mrs. Jewart directs the business operations at Jewart's Gymnastics. As far as gymnastics goes, she has done it all. From collegiate competitor to judge, from Mom of five gymnasts to pubic school physical education teacher, from dancer to choreographer, she has been involved in the sport all her life and she loves it. Her children Alex, Lainy and Katie also coach at the gym. In 2009 Mrs. Jewart was recognized by the Pittsburgh Business Times as one of the Top 25 Women in Business. She is member of the Hall of Fame at Slippery Rock University and in 2000 was named 2000 PA 50 Best Women in Business. In 1999 Jewart's Gymnastics was named family business of the year.
IMG 8658 Alex Jewart. Alex is the head coach of the Pittsburgh Northstars and VP of operations at the gym. He is an excellent teacher and motivator, having received his education degree from Bucknell University in 1993. Under his leadership the Northstars have become one of the most respected teams in Pennsylvania. He and his wife Stephanie, have three budding gymnasts, Thomas, Maddie and Vitolina. HIs new passion is his amazing garden. A former cross-country runner, Alex knows how to set the pace in the gym for all the staff and gymnasts.
IMG 8620 Lainy Carslaw. Our girls' teams are very lucky to have an experienced gymnast and a caring role model on our coaching staff. Lainy graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in poetry. Her sensitivity and creativity are apparent in her coaching style. She can handle any level gymnast on every event and she serves as head coach of the compulsory team and beam coach for the Northstars. Outside the gym she is a busy landlord and writer. She and husband Scott, director of our boys programs, have two sons, Koda and Pax.
IMG 8643 Scott Carslaw. Mr. Scott is the Boys Program Director for Jewart's and head coach of the Northstar Boys team. Scott got his gymnastics education from two-time Olympic gymnast, Jack Pancott in Philadelphia. He competed for the for the University of Pittsburgh. Scott's enthusiastic style of coaching and hands on approach sparks the gym environment. Scott just passed his test and got his realtor's license. He was named "PA USAG Coach of the Year" by the vote of his peers in 2011.
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Kamelia Velkova-Dunlevy. Kamelia is the director of our rhythmic program. Her background as a two-time National Champion in Bulgaria earned her the Master of Sport from her country. In just a short time she has won national acclaim for our rhythmic team. Her knowledge of ballet fundamentals, competitive performance and disciplined training are an asset to our entire program. She and her husband Josh, a talented saxophone player, have a daughter, Elizabeth.

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Nick Fabish. A former national boys team coach and PA State Director, he uses his expertise in fundamentals and his experience from coaching at the Olympic Training Center to guide our gymnasts and mentor our staff. A Physical Education graduate of Slippery Rock with a Masters in Biomechanics, Nick oversees the basic training at the gym. Nick is the Zen master at the gym and enjoys developing high level competitors. His protege, Bobby Spelic competed in the USA Olympic Trails in 2004.

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Katie Jewart Allen. Katie is our head choreographer and runs our dance department at the gym. She is an assistant to both the compulsory and optional coaches on floor ex and beam which means she helps every girl on the team perfect their routines. A former BCCC volleyball star, she has her sights on improving her dance training. For fun she love Frisbee golfing and attending musical concerts. Katie is married to the Mr. Fix-It" in the gym, Sean Allen, and they have a curly haired dynamo.... Baby Jayce.

IMG 8647 Jeff Malone. Coach Jeff is a former National qualifier for the Northstars. His knowledge of technique and progressions has helped our boyu's program become one of the largest in the state. He comfortably teaches our Pre-schoolers along with our Level 10 competitors on both our boys and girls teams.He is also an outstanding climber and a great asset to our staff.
 MG 0006 Tim Bonomi. Tim brings experience and dedication to the sport of gymnastics to the Northstar program. He has years of experience as a former gymnast, owner of Champion Gymnastics and coach. He is a wonderful spotter and an excellent technician. His sense of humor leave many in and out of the gym "dazed and confused," but his willingness to help kids achieve their dreams of becoming a champion is appreciated by everyone in the gym. His proudest accomplishment is his daughter Carlena, 2011 PA State valulting champion for Level 8.
Teri Choban. Our Dipper Director has been working with our Pre-schoolers for over 10 years. A graduate of West Virginia Weslyn, she has a certification in early childhood education along with her degree in English and Psychology. She previously ran Gymbore and taught at Ingomar Methodist Pre-School and in Baltimore. When she's not promoting our program and teaching the Rising Stars, she is busy taking care of husband Gary, and two daughters Ella and Adelee.
Donna Hamilton. Donna is our friendly office manager. She takes care of customer records, communication, keeping track of all the different activities in the gym, and helping keep the coaches organized. She has a great group of helpers, MaryJayne (parties), Barb Harms (Community Liaison) and Mary Furman ( Pro Shop.)
Recreation Program Directors: Each director guides the kids and staff in their program to follow our mission to help children develop their talents. This year, Brittany Jones will be in charge of the Jewels. Michelle Jordheim will run the Lucky Stars. Dana Thomas and Sharon Jackson are in charge of our tumbling program.
Assistant coaches. We have a great group of assistant coaches from here in Pittsburgh and as newcomers to the area: Thanks for your help: Dave Robinson, Daphne Aglietti, Liz Whitewolf, Julia Case, Aidan Miller, Justin Mech, Amanda Wilson, Jesse Catalano, Kelly Stiger, Ariana Restelli, Kristin Romutis, Mary D'Angelo, Di Maers.

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